AUDIOgraffiti - Minor testo lyric


5) Minor

I'm countin' all the steps (a)loud
to reach the sky
all my sins and tricks/up & downs & mids
but then I start to shiver
cos in the end
I perceive the heaven heights
ain no place I'd rather be

cos I feel that the light
has memory and darkside's
too hard to defeat

though I need air to breathe
shadows all around ain stranglin' me
with blends of consciosness/regret
amalgama of life and death
and things that I could change and never did
I'll crave mo' to have a friend
a friend that understands
what I just withstood
and I'm going thru everyday
a fight with my self

he or she must have delicacy
a fine humour to erase the leak
abstraction when it comes the time
that I'm fallin' deep in my mind
and I fix pon a point a view
can't see the exit way withal
it's so close, close inside o' me
like shame to erase
my apologies

but I know that my dearest friend will be
protectin' me with sword and shield

though I want to be free
and mend alone my wounds yet I still bleed
never entrusted anyone
with secrets and untold desires
protectin' all the wrongdoings I denied
so now I need friend
yes, I need a friend
someone that understands
without questioning
walls to overcome
so I'll open up my heart


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La canzone Minor si trova nell'album Black Rainbow [until sunrise drops lunatically minor rays] uscito nel 2014.

Copertina dell'album Black Rainbow [until sunrise drops lunatically minor rays], di AUDIOgraffiti

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