AUDIOgraffiti - (mwiriwe) intro testo lyric


intro (mwiriwe):

''Black Rainbow, 'til sunrise drops lunatically minor rays''
I gotta give you all I got
I gotta share with you my strenght
I gotta stretch all the neurons
that I've got inside of my brain
cos nowdays the world is gettin' crazy
no friend to hold to
behind the music and booze
and girls to fuck too
but where's the love?
the cinematic processor
professor love was mad and fat
infact was an asshole
we got to experiment a nu formula
and bring her back
the shining star that
will guide our asses as planned


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La canzone (mwiriwe) intro si trova nell'album Black Rainbow [until sunrise drops lunatically minor rays] uscito nel 2014.

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