Away From Crowd - She was an angel testo lyric


One day in a little city
After a work day I decided
to go in a bar and drink a cold beer
everyone was looking at me
because I’m a cowboy.
“Give me A beer boy”
Then a pretty girl came to me
and she said: “Two beers!
Yes darling, two beers.
It’s my treat”

She was an angel
a Cowgirl angel
I’ve never seen a beauty like this
and I thought I was like in a state of dream
She was an angel
a country angel
She was the girl of my dreams
and if I’m dreaming don’t you wake me up… please

we did a lot of things
She brought me in a stable
I can’t tell you all about this
but I assure you that we broke a table
when we were making love
she wanted more and more
she was never satisfied
but then she became the mother of our child


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La canzone She was an angel si trova nell'album Long Story Short uscito nel 2014.

Copertina dell'album Long Story Short, di Away From Crowd

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