Baccambàrus In The Pit Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Baccambàrus In The Pit Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Rock, Pop, Hard Rock 

Torino, Piemonte


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Testo della canzone

In the Pit
[wake up atmosphere :: violin picks + tribal finger bongos + big echo delay indy efx]

After the genius evocation,

Valiant wake up
[Bass guitar loop intro]

First Verse
Valiant – “Wake up for..
I have no lose my oliver faith..” –

[pause + violin picks..
Guitar distortion intro ] ::

“A shiver reason among..
a longer..

.. An heavy light..

A busy right is not…

To stop the rise of a myth of Beholder..”

Reminding the genius’ words..
Repeating – “ are.. Nether.. the Growler..
you are.. Lover.. Nether.. the Growler..”

[guitar leading break through]

Valiant considerations talk –

Second verse
“I am a man without..
a spear for diving all over..”
“So I wish for my younger..
A die for a beast..”

[savage break through..
growling guitar bass + dumbec]

Third Verse
“A bye..
A sailor good – bye..
There are lick(S) for a flip..
Nowhere musician
Whole a song.. willy nilly survey..”

[music intermezzo guitar + percussioni + violin pick + violin lick]

[lead guitar spread out]

[triangle low black jaw block

 The Genius ostinato –“ You are.. Lover – Nether – The Growler !! [..] You run .. You know .. leave your handmaid.. [..] You are.. Nether – The Growler !! [..] You are.. […] Lover – Nether – The Growler !! [..]” –

[violin closin’ lick
incoming guitar ending

===> fade out]

Album che contiene In The Pit

album Dust Rain - Baccambàrus
Dust Rain 2018 - Rock, Indie, Hard Rock

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