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Testo della canzone


[Candela voodoo tribal night atmosphere— guitars arpeggios + indi efx]

Valiant reading and thinking’ about the Evocations..

The Book.. repeating the words ::

Valiant [whispering]
“(…) When a man closes his eyes (…) Speakin’ with the monster about his grief (…) Many many prayers are ready for my Mentor (…) Any heavy chain could be remove (…)” – [cambio tambourine..] - “(…) but the pleasure for the Mistress (…) above the grave a soloing sister. My honor rise up when the monster (ss) opens up (…)” – [thinking pause..] – “(…) Only the brave boy askin’ the meaning of these words (…) and payin’ as the Mentor for his jigger (…) Blue bye rest of humanity joy as joy full miss (…) a valiant among us now and no for who desists over (…)”

==> fade in
[double stroke]
Lead boxi brave heart guitar

the Evocation
starts ==>

 The Genius [evocated] – “You are.. […] Lover – Nether – The Growler !! [..] leave your handmaid.. more I release [..] – [instrumental] – You run .. You know .. leave your handmaid [..] – [instrumental] -. You run .. You know .. leave your handmaid.”

First Verse
Valiant – “A lie I’ve beyond.. I’ll say goodbye. Nowhere beyond ..
[..] Alive..” – pause – “Oh my soul survive..”
[Crash timbals gtr + gtr bass ammo + drum reverb]
 The Genius –“You run .. You know .. leave your handmaid.. You run .. You know .. leave your handmaid.. [..instrumental complication…] You are.. – Nether – The Growler !! [..]” […] – The Growler !! [..] You are.. […] Lover – Nether – The Growler !! [..]” –
[guitar bass solo]
[gtr djent + gtr bass intermezzo]
[gtr cruncher + gtr + gtr bass fade out]

Album che contiene Valiant

album Dust Rain Waiting for McGregor BACCAMBA'RUS
Dust Rain Waiting for McGregor 2018 - Rock, Indie, Hard Rock

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