Back One Out Redemption Testo Lyrics

Back One Out Redemption Testo Lyrics

Punk, Pop, Emo 


Testo della canzone

When winter comes in my life,
Memories locked away, but they are always escaping.
Like butterflies without wings,
Falling down forever alone, passion?s not alive without you.

I will kneel down, I hope for a redemption.
Don?t shoot another arrow, I?m just dead without you.
Yeah, you?re on right, you trusted me without matters.
Only in my dreams there will be another life, another hour with you.

I miss your smile, emptiness brings me down and sorrow gives me power of loneliness.
?Cause I can?t believe, I can?t live without you

Album che contiene Redemption

album Helpless - Back One Out
Helpless 2007 - Punk, Pop, Emo

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