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Testo della canzone

You know I walked this far
Over the highest walls
To celebrate with you
But maybe I was wrong
You talk of life and death
And I don't like that song
You just sit there on your thoughts
Like a broken down old thief
I always used astuteness
With my sheltered geometries
It's foolish to take risks
I concede nothing to anyone
Following my thread I never lose myself
Following my thread you will not lose yourself
Come and take my thread and you want lose yourself
Labyrinth that has no exit
This is you embroidered space
And I cannot walk there
I quickly run up and down
And all think I'm a sage
But surely you can see I'm
Unscrupulous I gently rock my prey
Inside my precious shrouds
If only I could enfold you
Today perhaps, my most precious prey
Would be you
Following my thread

Album che contiene The Spider

album As In A Last Supper Banco del Mutuo Soccorso
As In A Last Supper 1976 - Rock, Psichedelia, Progressive

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