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Testo della canzone

She rolls her eyes
And lights another
"one day i'll quit these things,
They're killing me."
She blows her brains
Right out her fucking mouth
I just don't know how you do it

Well, there is nothing in me
That you don't have
Deep within your fucking self
Well, there is nothing in me
That you do not have
Deep within your fucking self

Yes, the body is weak
But the mind is stronger
It controls the body
You are not a slave.

And i am not a superhero!

You see, the difference between hard and impossible
Well, it's a thousand miles wide
But that's not what you want to hear.
Don't live a lifetime of regret.
Is there a moment of uncomfort
Never knowing, no, no, never knowing
How great it feels to be free

Album che contiene Superhero

album Holding This Moment Bane
Holding This Moment 1998 - Elettronica

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