Baseball Gregg

2020 - Lo-Fi, Pop, Indie


Every month of 2019 we released a song. Some of the songs were written the month before they were released, while some songs were written as early as 2009. Each month, Eli Wengrin made a cover for the single, and Sam wrote a little essay to go along with the song.


Written and produced by Luca Lovisetto and Sam Regan throughout 2019, between Bologna and California.

All artworks by Eli Wengrin
Tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12 mastered by Dylan Wall
Vocals on track 2 by Asia Martina Morabito
Vocals on track 4 by Sandy Davis
Guitar on track 4 by William Corduroy
Vocals and guitar on track 7 by Justin Cheromiah
Vocals on track 8 by Chloe Zelma Studebaker
Second verse of track 9 written and performed by Cooper Coffroth
Vocals and additional production on track 10 by John Steiner
Track 11 recorded and mixed at Ten 87 Studios, Tottenham by Simone D'Avenia
Background vocals on track 12 by Jimmy Kraft
Saxophone on track 12 by Jacopo Finelli

Z Tapes • ZT136 – Vinyl & Cassette
La Barberia Records • BRB028 – Companion book


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