"Windows of My House" is Baseball Gregg's third and last Summer EP prior to the publication of their next album "Pastimes", coming out via Z Tapes and La Barberia Records next September 23rd.

While "Parrots and the Park," released in June, offered an unprecedented glimpse into a quiet and tranquil atmosphere, and the subsequent "A Life Designed for Fun" brought the duo's sounds back into the sonic territories they hold dear, the third and final installment of the EP trilogy risks uncharted territories for Gregg, who indulge in soviet-wave, twee-punk seductions and mosh-inducing high BPM tempos.

"Windows of My House" is - as with the two previous EP titles - a verse from a track contained on the EP: specifically, it is "Holobiont," a song once again written four-handedly by Sam Regan and Luca Lovisetto that lingers on the relationship between us and others, the meaning of unity and corporality, and the union between us and the organisms that compose us.

«Relatively recent technological advances of the last twenty years have allowed for much more extensive research into the human microbiome, and microbiologists are seeing that many aspects of human’s health and well being, both physical and mental, are directly related to the biodiversity of our microbiomes. Our personal microbiomes are simultaneously inherited genetically from our ancestors and influenced by our day-to-day actions: what we eat, what viruses are present in our bodies, who we have sex with. This has led to a view of people as being their own little ecosystems, or holobionts, that interact organically with the various holobionts and environments with which they are in contact. Margaret Thatcher once infamously said that "there is no society, only individuals," but it now seems that there is scientific evidence to refute her claim: there are in fact no individuals, only collections of living, bustling ecosystems constantly swapping microbes with the world. The swift and swirling notes of “Holobiont” bump and bounce off of each other, recalling an image of a bustling city which metaphorically represents the multiplicity of complex realities of our holobionts». – Sam Regan



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