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everyday and everynight
i try to find a way to feel right

cos i just want to rescue my soul
cos in my life i need to feel more

in the end what I dream is to keep the dream alive
cos there is nothing I can do that make me feel so fine
you and i will build something of our for the life
because together we are invincible even to fire

everytime I look in your eyes I fell happy
and everytime I look by my side I just want you near me

step by step will climb the mountain even to the top
you and me, a story that is not easy to stop
cause i tried to live without but i fell really down
i want to go back in time before you change your mind


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La canzone Invincible si trova nell'album Enter Please uscito nel 2013.

Copertina dell'album Enter Please, di Beavers

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