Bee Bee Sea - Day Ripper testo lyric


animal house
with a horrible mouse
in a horrible long day.

life ain't no dream
it's a cannibal scheme
you get stuck until someday.

somebody comes
and decides you're done
so get over it someway.

Living on one day
living on monday
it lasts forever more.

at the slowliest pace
on a super-fast highway.

ancient screen
of a solid routine
on repeat until sunday.

morning goes bleak
and you're down on your knees
so get over it someway.

one more line
to get by
once again my love

i got so dry
i almost cried
ain't that beautiful?

the night is over,
the day ripper has come.


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La canzone Day Ripper si trova nell'album Day Ripper uscito nel 2020 per Wild Honey, Cargo Records.

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