Bee Bee Sea - Guacamole testo lyric


Life is happening now

would you stop? look at the ceiling

keep on calling you down

what has happened to your feelings?
sweet panorama 
i'm smoking marijuana

and you can call me brother

please please please

i'm riding with my wagon

i called it P***yWagon 
i'm coming in a second

wait wait for me
Would you take me around?
i know a place where we can sleep

i'll show you my hideout

i guess now it's our secret

i got something
you got nothing
and i don’t why

high blood pressure 
it's my leisure

when i'm chilling out

stick it into a gear

i'm going real fast

riding the fire

oh that i blast 
tearing up the road

like a beast

oh baby i know

i know you want a piece


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La canzone Guacamole si trova nell'album Day Ripper uscito nel 2020 per Wild Honey, Cargo Records.

Copertina dell'album Day Ripper, di Bee Bee Sea

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