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I've found another place to live
A new home to start a fresh beginning
A house all full of doors and keys
Where I can hide on this New Year's eve

I've put your shoes under my bed
Your books with all the stuff to sell
You said you'd never leave with me
'cause you're sure – for you - there's nothing left to see

No better place to be
no better tongue to speak
There must be
A better time to leave
A proper time to flee
To flee

Today I gotta quit my job
Now I've got the word of God to follow
I'll live with murderers and thieves
In this house until the next New Year's eve

Bring yourself here
Come up and see
A sigh of relief

Make yourself proud
Shout it aloud
You'll never bow

It's a refrain
That fills up your veins
It brings all your pain away


Jump out the crowd
Burn up your shroud
Plunge into this sound


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La canzone new year's eve si trova nell'album lullabies of love and hate uscito nel 2015 per Officine Musicali Sassari.

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