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When I was too young and too candid
and it was many ages ago
I used to beat the days of the week, dear
but maybe I was beating too slow
The very first day was called monday
nobody liked any of it
on monday I'm still stuck in your embrace
it lulles me to sleep

On tuesday I start getting better
the clouds and the rain disappear
I wake up and write down a letter
about how I'd love you to be here
I'm too slow and I like it that way
like an idiot I sit down and watch
a photograph of us at your birthday
I think we don't match

On wednesday I get your call, dear
you tell me we'll meet at your place
I reach you and everything gets clear
another day I won't erase
you hidden everything I bought you
but yourself, you've got not place to hide
the books and the boxes I give you
you cast them aside

On thursday I drop by your office
but you don't even wave me hello
perhaps you're just trying to be cautious
perhaps you don't love me enough
I'd better blow my fucking head up
or maybe it's your head I shuld crush
a man or a mouse or a sicko
who eats out of your trash

On friday I bought you a record
I don't care if you'll throw it away
We meet at some pub in a suburb
We fuck in your car and we pray
I pray you to cry on my chest, dear
You pray me to leave you alone
you feed me with some of your best tears
And in a minute you're gone

And under the moon I keep walking
I get lost in this side of the town
the windows around are all sleeping
it's cold but my blood's boiling down
I get back to my flat and it's empty
While saturday knocks at my door
I'm keeping your smell on my shirt, dear
won't wash it no more

The last day of the week is called sunday
and sunday is the worst day of the week
I ate my heart out just like you said
you see, I still stand on my feet
Today you'll make love with your man, dear
and my existence, you'll leave it behind
you fed me all the time with your best tears
now I got you in my spine


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vocals: Giulia Biggio.
bass: Gianni Lubinu.


La canzone no sunday in my week si trova nell'album lullabies of love and hate uscito nel 2015 per Officine Musicali Sassari.

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