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with ashes in your mouth you fight fire with fire
when the evening fades to black
you used to bite the pain but now you're sick and tired
piece by piece your god is dead

once you weren't afraid of shaking off the chains, but now
now just the memory remains

you grew up with the children of the sea
with a hook in your mouth
you shared a flat with shadows of the wind
but now with them you're out of touch

you came from south of heaven with the four horsemen
your motorbreath was in the air
you used to ride the desert with the blessing of a god that failed

but when you hit my land it was too late
we all know it was just too late
you wasted all your hate away


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La canzone pastiche si trova nell'album lullabies of love and hate uscito nel 2015 per Officine Musicali Sassari.

Copertina dell'album lullabies of love and hate, di beeside

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