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The album has been reviewed as:
"A massive piece of noise rock, with tentacles towards stoner rock, sludge metal." - Merchants of Air
"A crazy, multiple-personality riff-fest (...) what a brilliant and action packed ride that awaits you." - The Sludgelord
"Solid musicianship and novel approach of fuzzing and psyching up 90s alt.rock vibes makes this a very interesting debut indeed." - Tomorrow's Dream
"We needed a band like this" - Rumore
"The Rise of Beesus is so fuzzy it's practically coughing up furballs." - Dreams of Consciousness
"Rugged, aggressive and noisy." More Nowhere Reviews
"A very British style of hard rocking beats and blues-tinged, also jazzy riffs
that are again and again slowed down and distorted as hell, like being on a crazy weed trip." - Doom Metal Front Zine
"A joyride of fuzzy alternative heavy metal." - Droning Earth
"Beesus a beau évoluer dans un environnement musical complètement ravagé et chaotique, on s’y plonge avec envie,
et on y revient avec plaisir." - desert-rock.com


Band Members:
Touis - Vocals
Mutt - Bass & back vocals
Pootchie - Guitar & back vocals
Mudd - Drums & back vocals


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