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Good Night bad people, glad to see you there
Well, we're noisy demons from the deepest hells
Seeking lust tonight, that's why you find us here
Searching through the crowd the nicest reason to stay

Well I say she is bright, bright - yeah
Well I say she is right the light that flames the will to play all night - yes
Well I say she knows
The way to throw an angel down up to here and her lovin' makes me feel so good

Let's kick out your thinkings with a shotgun bang
Like - a happy trigger with a lucky break
So put your girlie shyness on a dirty train
Headed for the city called "there's no-way-back"

Tonight a heart on fire will running down
Come and turn it on, turn it on and on
I need a blaze so much as a freezing ground
A sea-man stuck right on the shore

Good night bad people glad to see you there
Yes we are noisy demons climbing up the Hell
Feeling high tonight, just on the open pit
Like an angel flew underneath our feet and I say

Album che contiene AdeSpeak

album Candy Addiction - BelzeBluesBandCandy Addiction
2012 - Rock, Blues, Pop rock
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