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Descrizione Get Into the Way

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Credits Get Into the Way

Music & Lyrics by BelzeBluesBand

Testo della canzone

Get Into the Way,
Teach your child to steal the things he can
So people get away
from the big mouth of the lower class
Get into the way
of being pleased to agree with the things that your bossman always says - so
Get into the way - baby I'm trying..
well, I've tried to feel awright

In a world of lies
I thought I had to choose
my believes, my own words, what I'm fighting for
but today
that I'm not a child
yet - I can't break the rules

So Get Into the Way,
Get Into the Way
Yeah, your slavery has got its name
It's "Get Into The Way"
If you don't find your place,
Get Into The Way

Get Into The Way
Keep your tie tied up around your chest
And finding everyday
A new grey place where your heart should stay
Get Into The Way
And feel free even if in your dreams there is nothing but a cage - so
Get Into the Way

Album che contiene Get Into the Way

album Candy Addiction BelzeBluesBand
Candy Addiction 2012 - Rock, Blues, Pop rock

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