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Descrizione Mr. Big Love

Mr. Big Love fa il lavoro migliore del mondo... o forse no?

Credits Mr. Big Love

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Testo della canzone

I'm Big Love, I'm made in steel
No one believes I'm even tender
Director please don't cut my role
My audience is keen on me

Today's the "Western Day"
So I ride my big horse without reins - oh yes, that's right
I'm acting like a rough cowboy
Who saves the gal from the woods

Spanking cattle is my work
My heart's on fire don't you play with it
Working hard way to my bone
My heart's on fire please stop playin' with that
Before I leave I'll stop and give her a kiss
I'm Mr. Big Love, yeah

But when she got untied
She said I was an ego-centric boy who can't get straight,
that I was out of time
So don't you tell me I was wrong
If I'd left her in the wood

Every ride I meet a new girl but
Then I go back home and live all alone - it's Mr. Big Love
Every time I'm done with my job
I get a new part and take off my clothes - it's me
Oh don't you know I'm Mr. Big Love

It's time
'gotta find my own
'gotta seek true love
Yeah this work without you it's kinda misery
It's time I've got to find my love
Gotta free my own
Yeah this work without you it's a misery
I've never found my duty was sweet
I'm Mr. Big Love - oh yeah - I'm Mr.Big Love, yeah.

Album che contiene Mr. Big Love

album Candy Addiction - BelzeBluesBandCandy Addiction
2012 - Rock, Blues, Pop rock
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