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Descrizione Sweet Johanna

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Credits Sweet Johanna

Music & Lyrics by BelzeBluesBand

Testo della canzone

You're back my Sweet Johanna
Honky kitty chick with grass on her boots
Come here and meet Johanna
As fine as wine, wild red-headed bloom
She went downtown to see if a house could stand without wood

No lady should be drinkin'-jin , her momma said back in time
That's why she has fun with Mary Jane
But drinks up lemon and lime
With narrow outlook,
And the tan o' the South sunshine
but she can easily understand what is wrong and what's right
You give all these guys, Johanna, a reason why to play out the blues

She's lovely looks lane
A little bit outta-line
But you could walk along a street,
a thousand miles for me Johanna,
Honky kitty chick with grass on her boots
She went downtown to see if a house could stand without wood.

You give me, Johanna, a reason to blues
You just can keep out the rhythm with your walkin' shoes
I'd love your lips but I have learnt to lobe the way you always cut loose, too.

Album che contiene Sweet Johanna

album Candy Addiction BelzeBluesBand
Candy Addiction 2012 - Rock, Blues, Pop rock

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