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Testo della canzone

dancing in the garden/ˈdænsɪŋ ɪn ðə ˈgɑːdn/

when the summer ends we feel dazed / nature laws
should be erased / every part of ourselves tells a story
I was far from my rays with only a backpack / It was just
my dream life / but today there's life, the everyday life
so we decided to go out together / talking about weather
it's coming September / everybody in the garden
dancing in the garden / dancing in the garden
looking at you / it's coming September here right now
and so I asked myself / forget me till the end of time
unless time slows / future makes me scared
I'm not ready to deal... / unless I take my way
everything is unreal / I'm not ready to deal with my ideas

Album che contiene Dancing in the garden

album ep - Bergen
ep 2013 - New-Wave, Shoegaze

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