BigDix Devil's blues Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

BigDix Devil's blues Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Psichedelico, Blues, Hard Rock 

Lodi, Lombardia


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Testo della canzone

Devil's blues

You know who I am
You know what I want
I am your nightmare
I am your dream
If you don't know that
I'll tell you something:

The old man in the shadow
The old man in the town
My mind is breaking down
my mind is out of time
The night is hard and long
The night is only mine
Now the gun is smoking
The whiskey flew away
No one with me
No one have seen

She is a dancer
She is a queen
She is a bitch
She is a shit

Another day is coming
Another night for me
I don't know who I am
I don't wanna know
Fears are more than money
Dreams are too much more
I play my lonely guitar
I have a bloody hand
Now she’s dying
Now she is in peace

Without love
Without pain
every night
She jokes men

Maybe someone died
Maybe someone drunk
I start to play the blues
I start to fuck the time
I'm the king of music
I play devil's blues
My soul is not with me
I gave it for a song
I play an old song
I can sing along

But yesterday
she made the last show
she made the last dance
she made the last love

No one understands me
no help from my friends
I'm just a lonely man
and a bad killer now
Only my guitar
can save me from the hell
But I'm just a devil
and hell is my home
I am at home
I am in love

I clean the world
from a bad girl
I killed Joanna
she was a whore

Album che contiene Devil's blues

album Joanna & The Devil - BigDix
Joanna & The Devil 2012 - Rock, Blues, Hard Rock

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