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"Very different to everything else around at the moment, and that's always a great thing in my book, that's Black Casino and the Ghost ... I like what they're doing very much"
(Simon Raymonde, Bella Union - Amazing Radio)

"...Black Casino and the Ghost make serious music with a sense of humour"
(The Guardian)

(Fresh on the net)

"What strikes you, like a crisply thwacked cricket ball to the testicles is the sheer poetry and
intelligence of the lyrics plus the quite remarkable vocals of Elisa Zoot...Genius"
(The Von Pip Musical Express)

"Some Dogs Think Their Name Is No is a great record. It’s got so many ideas, so much variety coursing through every song on it that there’s enough here to keep you finding something new every time you hear it"

"Alternative music with real intelligence and clarity"

"Black Casino &The Ghost are a London based band that are clearly on another level in the underground scene”


Entirely self-produced and mostly recorded live, Some Dogs think their name is no is a mix between orchestral, cinematic soundscapes, and full-on thumping delta blues tracks. Most of the lyrics in the album have an underlying theme of battling with and against self-control (how to fly a plane through turbulence without spilling your coffee) and that’s where the album name ’Some Dogs Think Their Name is No’ is coming from.


Released 02 September 2013 - Lucky Machete Records, UK.

Black Casino and the Ghost are:
Elisa Zoot - vocals, piano, organ, percussion
Ariel Lerner - guitars, cigar box, bass on track #6
Gary Kilminster- bass
Paul Winter-Hart - drums

Additional musicians:
Fabio Rondanini - drums & percussion on track #6
David Knight - cello on tracks #3 & #6
Jan Kanowski - violin, viola on tracks #3 & #6
Brant Kilds- brass on tracks #3 & #6

Produced by Ariel Lerner and Elisa Zoot

Recorded by Ariel Lerner & Elisa Zoot, Little White Wolf Studios, London / Sonny, Livingston studios, London / Benedic Lamdin, Fish Factory studios, London

Mixed by Ariel Lerner
except for track #4 mixed by Ariel Lerner & Elisa Zoot
and track #6 mixed by Chris Brown

Mastered by Ariel Lerner

Artwork by Elisa Zoot

All songs Copyright Control
Lucky Machete, 2013

Thanks to: Anthony Newstead, Phil Davies, Alice Quintana, David Ambrose, Amanda, Andy Treacey, Neil Anderson, Renato Marengo, Michael Pergolani, Fabio Rondanini, Juan Villagrana, Rod Maurice, Julia Heslop, Ben Walker, Theo, Mike Monaghan, Julian Grimm, Oded Shein, Paul Carrera, Andy Von Pip, John Sullivan, Ray Moody, Berardo Staglianò, Buzzo, Dave Puncturekit, Chris Sheperd, Howard Toshman & Agnes Jones.
Special thanks to: Zehava, Debora, Helena, Gabriel, Lucio, Daniel, Lisa, Uri, Mark, Jossie, Jeremy, Celia, Haim, Edith, Nelo, Ester, Beppe, Andrea, Vittoria, Franco, Stefano, Lorenzo, Alessio & Alessio, Arianna, Simone, Gabriele, Gianni, Theremin, Dinky, Mario, Lesley, The Sinio, David, Panico & Ansia, Stefania, Roberta & Delfo, Tiziana, Dario, Salvo, Artù, Jack, Nicole, Ivy, Faye, Willow, Sweetcorn, The Good cat, Alan, Kevin & Grandad Kilminster.
Extra special thanks to Echo the Pecho.


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