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Blake/e/e/e take the listener on a vivid and diverse musical journey. [...] Through fields of indie, folk and psychedelic rock, Blake/e/e/e delve into the heart and soul of experimental songcraft. Afterall, this is not radio, it’s Border Radio.
Will Miller - Sound As Language

"This disc may be the soundtrack to a bizarre hallucination, and it is truly for a select audience."
Rich Quinlan - Jersey Beat

"They are very free spirited and almost impossible to classify, thus making them intriguing and interesting to listen to. Some would say it’s folk, but only as much as the Pacific is “some water”."
Kevin LeDoux - Northwest Music Blog

"Half-Italian/half-American Chicago-based quartet Blake/e/e/e isn’t only unique in its moniker and makeup. On latest album Border Radio (FreeFolk), they flip through dub, folk, punk, and psych channels with celestially unnerving results."
Audra Schroeder - The Austin Chronicle

"They know that they are of a genre, freak folk as its dubbe…


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