Blanc Noise - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Manta Rei



Testo della canzone

Then, from night skies,
Are gonna rain down fears and laughs.
It can’t be wrong,
It can’t be the way, my Gosh.

And you could not be loved,
You could not be…
You could never love my...

I’m feeding my time,
Avoiding your voice,
I suffocate my eyes,
To carry on my stone,
Are fading the words that,
Are drawing my name,
I’m fading in foam and dive in (it)...

It’s your cancer-love,
And is walking over me.
It’s your cancer-love,
Why can’t you bury it down in me? Oh...
It’s your cancer-love,
And you’re missing out.
It’s your cancer-love,
And it drives me mad.
It’s your cancer-love,
it's my eroin.
It’s your cancer-love,
And is sinking in.

Album che contiene Manta Rei

album e incubi annessi. - Blanc Noisee incubi annessi.
2013 - Rock
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