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Credits Out Of Control


Testo della canzone

barely breathing,
we're riding the same,
everything's burning,
you're part of this game,

nothing can tame us,
we're kinda invincible,
look at the ones,
the unforgivables

don't try to stop us,
join us tonight,
not even the guns,
will make us fright,

nobody can save you,
you're part of the show,
trying to make it through,
are you ready to go?

smashing everything on our sight
and like best sex, it's a delight
looking straight, we always roll,
by now we are out of control,
out of control

hanging around,
acting crazy
rise up from ground,
don't be lazy

jar's never empty,
fill in your glass,
it's better in many,
so, get up your ass

Album che contiene Out Of Control

album Blank - Demo Blank
Blank - Demo 2015 - Rock, Grunge, Alternativo

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