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Credits Twist Of Fate


Testo della canzone

another rainy day
I feel myself fading away
my eyes are closed again
this it's all that remains

this time we have no choice
there's nothing that i want to boast
I can't hear your voice
I will face all of my ghosts

Our love was like a red leaf
in a stormy october day
I must leave these empty rooms
I don't want to hurt you anymore

kill me now
kiss me now

Sometimes some lives collide
for a strange twist of fate
it's like a hurricane
it shakes from the inside

now my face will fade away
another shadow in your life
another page in your book
and in it words carved with a knife

leave me now
touch me now

kill me now
kiss me now
should this be the end for us?
how could we leave our memories apart?

leave me now

Album che contiene Twist Of Fate

album Blank - Demo Blank
Blank - Demo 2015 - Rock, Grunge, Alternativo

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