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Blue Purple Bees Daily Home Reflections

2012 - Pop, Alternativo, Pop rock


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Descrizione a cura della band

Daily Home Reflections è un album di canzoni che omaggia lo stile ed i suoni del pop-rock anni '60 & '70. Registrato, nel corso di quasi due anni (Gennaio 2011-Settembre 2012) all'Atom Heart Studio, in analogico e con attrezzatura rigorosamente vintage, Daily Home Reflections si presenta oggi nel panorama pop-rock indipendente come uno dei migliori esempi di produzione "Vintage-Style".

“Nice stuff. Really retro sounding while retaining a modern approach to chord choices. "Do You Know Where Is The Morning" reminds me of what would happen if John Lennon sang for Nirvana and Kurt Cobain forgot to plug his distortion pedal into his chain. Very cool. "Aerostatics" is totally a Beatles vibe, of course. Vocal harmonies, instrumentation, chord choices, production..... not a bad thing, but I sure hope that they don't act insulted when a reviewer says this. The only non-Beatles aspect to this song is the Dark Side Of The Moon sax..... Great music though.”— Joe Quintus , Sound engineering

"Blue Purple Bees’ influences, which can be fairly easily heard in their music, well, I think so, are The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground, and the slithery EELS. I thought I could hear a touch of Marc Bolan of T-Rex in the ‘Bees more recent stuff. Personally, I like the BPB’s sound... With its contradictory retro, but modern sound (listen and you will understand!) Blue Purple Bees is well worth a listen to...Waiting For A Great Dream and You’re A Gun are excellent. Actually, they are all pretty good."— Alex Roe, Italy Chronicles

“Yes. You DO sound like The Beatles, complete with groove and style. ”
- Carolyn in Texas -


Drew Pound: Lead & backing vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, Fender Rhodes, Yamaha CP80 electric piano, mellotron
Sten: Electric & steel guitars, E-bow, backing vocals
Chacondar: Drums, percussion, backing vocals

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  • Faustiko Murizzi 29/01/2013 ore 08:24

    Bello, bello, bello. Da ascoltare a ripetizione...

    > rispondi a @faustiko
  • Giorgio Piazza 11/02/2013 ore 11:35

    Eh, si, ... può provocare dipendenza :-)

    > rispondi a @giorgio.piazza.31
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