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I’m going down,
Water in my mouth
Yes, I discovered who you are
‘Cause I’m waiting something true

You’re gonna mow
Follow my flaws
Yes, I’ve already known the clue

And I’m waiting your sound
You finally confound
I’m happy now

Don’t scared of my bones
And into unknown
Yes, I became another man
In the chaos I can plan

You’re really close
The past could be frozen
Yes, you and I are finally us

‘Cause I’m waiting your sound
You finally confound
What I see

And now that my memory plays
Another tune, another place
Clouds are grey, and my soul
Climb up to the stars, out of this room

I’m going down,
Answer in my mouth
Yes, I know how far I fall
And it’s raining over all

Album che contiene In the hurricane

album Collisions Borden
Collisions 2015 - Pop, Folk, Britpop

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