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How does it feel when you laughed yesterday over pop music and today all of a sudden you fall in love with a pop song? Borderline Symphony are familiar with that. For the ones the addiction comes with the first piece, for the others it arrives at a later listening – like an underestimated drug. For too long the band hung around in the “lo-fi scene”, finally they present their first professionally produced studio album. A wide variety of elements put together into compact formed sugar lumps of modern pop music – without losing authenticity. Borderline Symphony make pop music for people who don’t listen to pop. From chamaleon pop to psychedelic rock.


Etichetta: Ikarus Records (Distributore: Irascible)
Ordina il vinile (incluso download) qui: http://www.ikarusrecords.ch/mailorder/products/borderline-symphony/
Scarica l'album qui: http://ikarusrecords.bandcamp.com/album/borderline-symphony


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