Brand New Heroes

Brand New Heroes

Brand New Heroes

2019 - Rock, Alternativo, Pop punk


01. This Is a Recording
02. Go Along (No Stone Unturned)
03. Suits
04. Gloria
05. Eyes
06. Trembling Lights
07. Not the Same
08. Love Me Again
09. Not the Same [Acoustic]


Recorded and mixed at Sweet Salt Studio (Florence, Italy).
Mastered at White Sound Studio (Florence, Italy).

Mixing Engineer: Alessio+Luschi">Alessio+Luschi">Alessio Luschi
Mastering Engineer: Tommaso Bianchi

Music written and arranged by Brand New Heroes.
All lyrics by Alessio+Luschi">Alessio+Luschi">Alessio Luschi except tracks 4, 5 by Francesco+Banci">Francesco Banci and track 8 by Massimiliano+Lunardi">Massimiliano Lunardi.

Additional vocals on track 8 by Kristina Grancaric.
Vocals on track 9 by Simona Cavallari.
Keyboards, synths and programming by Alessio+Luschi">Alessio+Luschi">Alessio Luschi.

Graphics by LID Studio (Florence, Italy).

Brand New Heroes are:
Francesco - Lead Vocals
Massimiliano - Guitars & Vocals
Alessio - Bass & Vocals
Giulio - Drums

Produced by Brand New Heroes.

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