Descrizione a cura della band

It is an album which re minds us of the music we liked to listen to a few
years ago, five, ten or fifteen, it doesn’t matter. Countless references
while you listen,The Smiths, New Order, U2, Radiohead, Depeche Mode
but when you think you have catched the link, here the music changes
again into something completely different that leaves you with a strange
echo of familiarity. The album flows light, but leaves something inside.
The songs seem to be drawn close to represent small groups of meaning:
need for order, organization and precision, which afterwards explode and
break up in the pain of the lyrics. But in the end there is room for two
romantic ballads with a nostalgic taste, a mild thought to lull us in
conclusion:a love serenade and a letter,
brought by a tired and clumsy postman.
Who knows if among the hundreds of
letters he will find time to deliver his
most important message

“Sound of Time” is a power pop album
that will fix in everyone’s memory from
the very…


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