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"From Beneath" is the debut release of the Alternative Rock / Post Metal band Butterfly Riot.
A gritty work, that tries to depict a much wider experience, with just three songs, that drives from ol'good hard tunes, trough mellow resonances inflicted with deep electronic cuts.
This work is the very essence of all the material they had written trough a whole year of frenetic activity, where the impulse of songwriting is driven by the urge of expressing their point of view on the world and the feelings that this strange, void, temporary thing called everyday-life is able to generate.
The sounds contained in this EP are visceral and might get utterly disturbing at times, but if you listen to it with closer attention, you'll probably see yourself entangled in those lyrics.


Party Slaughter

The right name for this song would be "Party monsters", but applied to this it is the tale of those who really party so hard that they murder the whole scene.
It's a story that we've all witnessed in first person or as mere spectators. It's a story I've personally lived when attending Burning Man back in 2011.

Lanegan Style

This song is inspired by the work of Mark Lanegan, one of the best songwriter of our time.
It takes most of his gloomy mood, and it’s a mesh up of most of his typical phrases from
our favorite songs such as One Hundred Days, Field Song and so on, that have been revised
to fit our piece.
This song revolves around a drum machine + synth pattern that hammers trough the entire track,
and portraits the story of a lonely man, who fights solitude with a bad attitude.


This song is inspired by the documentary "Deliver us from evil" and tells the story of Father Oliver O'Grady, a Catholic priest who was relocated to various parishes around the United States during the 1970s in an attempt by the Catholic Church to cover up his rape of dozens of children.
In this song we focus on a particular kid who grew up after the horrors that he passed and revives the moment that led him to be the man he is today.
It's his journey down the memory lane. A journey of hunger and despair.


Aaron: Vocals / Programming / Synth
Gresk: Guitar / Backvocals
Gio: Bass
Dany: Drums / Backvocals


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