Canaan - Testo Lyrics In A Never Fading Illusion

Testo della canzone

The world stands still in front of me
But I can't touch it

The world is flashing before my naked eyes
But I can't see it

The world is sounding loud like broken glass
But I can't hear it

The world is dancing around me
But I can't move

Bitter seed of a grown old utopia
Shadow on the mirrors of life
Wave in a burning red sea
The world spins around me
The world drowns in me

I can't move
And I don't care
where I am
And I don't care
what I have become
I don't care
No, I don't care

Album che contiene In A Never Fading Illusion

album The Unsaid Words - CanaanThe Unsaid Words
- Elettronico, Dark
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