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I would stay for a week in l.a.
trying to make my dreams come true
and california is on my mind
she was here till the end of may
now that wind is blowing out
and the stars begin to fade away

i think too much about us anyway
i?m looking for you till the end of these days
and now that sunshine mirrors in the lake
i could disappear into pain till i die

yesterday i was planning with you
our future and my cure
we didn?t calculate on time
and i?m always waiting on you
now that wind is blowing out
and the stars begin to fade away

you know i?m so sad
everything i?ve done it?s a nonsense
tonight let me be your man
you know i?m so sad
but everybody needs to look ahead
in this summer end to come

Album che contiene 15th of August

album A Sky With No Stars Canadians
A Sky With No Stars 2007 - Rock, Pop, Indie Ghost Records / Audioglobe

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