Carnagie Hall - Lights Go Out testo lyric


In a savage place nobody knows
I once woke up on a road
A thousand ghosts that made me fell
There was loud noise in the air
And the words that you have said
They still linger in my head

I felt startled, I felt wrong
I couldn’t take this anymore

As the knife will reach for blood,
Our chest is spring of water pure
Though the dark clouds reach the skies
There’s still glitter in my eyes
If our madness is to cure,
There’s no other cure indeed,
No empathy
On all the memories I recall
Bodies red and faces dull
Grasp the glimmer from my mouth
To leave before the lights go out.


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La canzone Lights Go Out si trova nell'album Carnagie Hall EP uscito nel 2015.

Copertina dell'album Carnagie Hall EP, di Carnagie Hall

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