Carnagie Hall - Mistress Eyes testo lyric


I am the mistress
Of the waste in time
Every now and then 
I find someone to leave behind

Cause all I wanted now, was your love
And all I gave to time was no love at all

Naked is the blind that leaves no love for none
And fury is the bliss of those who gave up sight
Am I this blind?

So what's around my neck?
I don't seem to feel
Anything In me
As well in people here

So I won't let no one
too close to what's my love
is beauty in the mind a gift so hard to find
Or recognize?


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La canzone Mistress Eyes si trova nell'album Carnagie Hall EP uscito nel 2015.

Copertina dell'album Carnagie Hall EP, di Carnagie Hall

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