album SPLEENISM cascao & lady maru

cascao & lady maru SPLEENISM

2015 - Elettronica, Electro, Pop punk


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Descrizione a cura della band

Cascao & Lady Maru are a quirky-electro-duo, coming from the

saucy-punk-no-wave scene of the aethernal Rome.

Cascao is a freaky dancer and producer,Lady Maru is a dj and no wave-punk musician in the bizarre roman underground:

they started their work togheter in 2008 and it quickly turned into a

wacky-dancey live act, with guitar, synthie, some live samples and percussions... funny tribalism and poppy arty melodies :they have already toured around europe a couple of times.

In Berlin they met Khan of "i'm single records"..he took them on his

label , at first with 2 singles and remixes, and later, in december 2011, with their first full lenghth album "Gong" , postproduced and mixed by Rodion(Gomma rec.)

One other single came out in December 2011 on Glamnight Records, a nice roman electro-house label, running some great busy electro nights.

In 2014 they have released 4 tracks on an italian techno and electronic label called I-Electronix distributed on Beatport, Juno and usual digital platforms.

So... time for a new full length release , now a vinyl (and digital bandcamp) on San Francisco's based Cochon records , "Spleenism" is their second album : always pop and tribally funky but slightly dark..maybe evoking talking heads, the residents, and the proto 70'ies 80 ies wave stuff…


lady maru (trouble vs glue, ex dada swing)
cascao ( nastro, ex lasertag)

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