Castaways Roaming - Illusory freedom testo lyric



Why can’t you stand in my way?
I’m here lost in a fuckin’ brain

Why are you illusory for me?
Burnt into faded memories
Oh come to me, out of time
I’m a mess

Speak language that I want to hear
Nobody knows I have free ears
Will you save me in the night?

Crooked wolf with desperation
Friend of desolation and regret
Oh tear me tear me tear me fuckin’
Shake me!

Burnt into me
Fake breath of shame
Killing me killing me
Restless in your abyss

Black hole galaxy
Swallows my lost soul
Crushing me crushing me
Use me, I cannot react


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La canzone Illusory freedom si trova nell'album The Middle End uscito nel 2015.

Copertina dell'album The Middle End, di Castaways Roaming

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