Castaways Roaming - Inertia testo lyric


Shadow, ground
Sand watches me from above
Vital signs
The waves go on and on
Rock my soul
And keep my thoughts around
The clouds are
Shining fast grenades

Hangin’ no one gives me bother
Flushed rays dry my crumbled bones
I’m trying to sail my own deep blue river
But grains remind my little things

Violet insanity pushes
my sad state high
Where voltures waiting and playing
With the frozen breeze
Seagulls will collect my torn
Body and lead it
In a safe place that could alleviate
This suspension

Crying crying inside, in a river full of lies
Dying dying in time, to treat me with your fire


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La canzone Inertia si trova nell'album The Middle End uscito nel 2015.

Copertina dell'album The Middle End, di Castaways Roaming

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