Castaways Roaming - Langley testo lyric



Scorching heat
The valley turns in fire while
A secret man
Has crossed the gates of the unknown
Hide sources
Vivisection in progress
Flashes away
Wake up the lost children in the night
We're not so safe in the night

Unaware consolation
Of knowing
Only half truths
Long desert hills
Electrified grid
Neural control
A strident alarm announces the line
The new order is defined

Come to me
Short breath
Cut off of the time
To me
Bleed until the end of this life
Through the
Trees they’re shown to reveal
The day
In which the light will explode

The mind is blurred in the fog
My edges fade away
Shining in the rain that falling deleting the waves
Of my aura that will merge with creatures of another space



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La canzone Langley si trova nell'album The Middle End uscito nel 2015.

Copertina dell'album The Middle End, di Castaways Roaming

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