Castaways Roaming - Slovenjan Memories testo lyric



Cross the line
a boundary of salvation all the
suns come out
I’m wandering through frowning faces
I get lost
Into blades of grass and the waves
pass over to all my secret intentions

Don’t bring me back to reality
All I want is
To sink in these hills
And don’t return more
Let the whiteness of the stars
Raises me from my bed
A beam of light passes my body

Drowned horizon
My inner owns this sea
I deceive my mind
Telling her that everything is true living
The foam’s slamming on the rocks
In this forgotten land
I’m a guest of the silence

Oh oh ooohhh
But the wind makes me fear
Oh oh ooohhh
Fear of sleeping with myself
Oh oh ooohhh
Fear that the misunderstandings
Oh oh ooohhh
Take me back to the starting point


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La canzone Slovenjan Memories si trova nell'album The Middle End uscito nel 2015.

Copertina dell'album The Middle End, di Castaways Roaming

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