Live at F.A.C.K. MSUV(Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina)

Live at F.A.C.K. MSUV(Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina)

Chris Yan

2014 - Glitch, Noise, Elettronica


FACK MSUV / performing the museum as a common
FACK MSUV event is taking place at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina (MSUV) in Novi Sad (Serbia), from June 30 to July 06, 2014 (and maybe longer).
FACK MSUV is an operation of temporary “liberation” of the MSUV (it can be conceived too as a sui generis occupation or re-appropriation) with the aim of making it open and freely accessible for use for both local and international (art) community without classical institutional filtering and control “from the top down”.
The event is launched by the mobile art platform F.A.C.K. from Cesena (Italy) in collaboration with “liberated spaces” MACAO (Milan), Teatro Valle (Rome), SALE.Docks (Venice) and Embros Theatre (Athens) and is realized with the contribution and participation of numerous artists, curators, researchers, activist and citizens from the ex-Yu region and the rest of Europe.


Special Edition OUT 3th Set. 2014
Only 150 printed,limited and numbered copies
Graphics and project : Christian Mastroianni
Graphics Tech Support : Martina Esposito / Oregonpizza
Handmade production : Riccardo & Christian Mastroianni
Special wallet pop up outside
Small pop up inside with the number of each copy

More Info at :


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