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Descrizione Devils' Dance

(bitrate 128 kbps) Strofa 1 The Father has born And Brought up from Hell Some kind of news About last days of Earth Gather the Daemons The Angels too Save all Mankind from all destructions! Chorus It?s time to open your eyes? OH YEAH!X2 Now you have to open your eyes? Strofa 2 Apocalypse It?s Just today No time to pray But just to enjoy the day! Turn all the flames off Fade out the pain Tune on your guitars Let the party begin!! Chorus It?s time to break their lies? OH YEAH!X2 Now you have to break their lies? RIT DEVIL?S DANCE x 2 Strofa 3 They?ve told for thousand years This would be a day of death But now we just wanna play So here it comes the Devil?s Dance Father has reached the Sun His shadow is burning down? You can thrown your faith away ?Cause here it comes the Devil?s Dance? RIT DEVIL?S DANCE x 2 (slow) Hell on Earth Walk the Dead? RIT DEVIL?S DANCE x 4 LOUDER!

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album Damage A trois pt1 (Ep) - Circle of WitchesDamage A trois pt1 (Ep)
2008 - Stoner, Indie, Hard Rock
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