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Who are you when no one is there?
Is it a matter of who you want to be or the lack of time / appreciation?
Don't answer, it's not gonna help you anyway.

Let's talk about fear.
Did you ever ask yourself if you're afraid of what's coming next or what actually is before your eyes?
Do you keep distance from that?
Are we a biological product or that thing that we call soul has an actual purpose?
The utopian concept of freewill has built the feeling of guilt in ourselves and it eats you alive from the inside, but still, there must be an useful aspect about that.
It may help you to remind yourself that your actions have consequences, but if it stops you from living then what's the point?
Is distance about space? Time? Neither?
Did you ever feel close to something that is not even there?
Can you love it and then call it the unknown?
Is distance about sound or silence or both?

But the distance, becomes terror.
Can you cover it? Do you want to?
Looking for silence? You'll find none, and that's gonna be your strength or death.

Will a statue still figure be able to follow the stars? Keep distance and you'll find out, but be careful, you might not be able to come back.


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La canzone Distances si trova nell'album Distances uscito nel 2023 per Distrokid, the tent production.

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