Circus of Damnation - Falling Tears From Her Eyes testo lyric


Hear me poor dummy made to wear nobody's clothes
Scrop of nature but her eyes the sweetest pain
I've ever enjoyed

Solitaire on a ring too precious to embrace my finger
Tears melt in wine now vinegar to sue my wounds
My heart covered with thorns and every sigh(t) I feel a pang
A rivulet of old blood from my hands but not enough

Ah, the conscious pain, the real will day by day
We are proof of what is far away,
useless tools gone astray

Oh my love please set me free
Save me from my chains
Show only me the light of a new sky
Stop my tears of impotent man
And together we'll breath in the white clouds
I behold you flying over me
Can't you see the real way to love?
I cannot as you can
Oh damned envy, it is destroing my love, destroing my life
Oh sweet madness bring me in the circus of the damned souls,
damned by good
And tears of light will fall till the day of victory


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La canzone Falling Tears From Her Eyes si trova nell'album Don't Let Them Fall uscito nel 2007 per Dawn of Sadness.

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