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SPEECHLESS (Music & Lyrics: Claudio Tagliabue) It could have been a night like all the others, tired and bored after a day of work I couldn’t even image all of this happening But then I’ve answered the phone and I will never forget those 3 words I’ve heard I still don’t know why and it will be too late to find out why tragedies happen You were full of life when your heart has suddenly stopped leavin’ us speechless.. without words You’re lain down with your friends around cryin’ their hearts out for you We’re powerless with all these questions left untold why a person like you? Why a person like you? I can’t believe that this is the last time that I see you… you’ve just left traces in our hearts and emptiness inside…


La canzone Speechless si trova nell'album Promo Ep 2010 uscito nel 2010.

Copertina dell'album Promo Ep 2010, di Clearly Quite Absurd

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