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This is our situation,
this is what we deserved:
trash and shit in every region,
fake elections, change direction!
He makes fun of a nation,
but now who’s to blame ?
I spit on my reputation,
but I want to see him between the flames

Who pretends to be engaged in social works,
then refuses aid for free,
thinks only about his interests and says
“I’m never tired of sex” ?
It’s just my opinion but this state’s not going to last
there are too many hypocrites, too many guests
who lives like parasites on our back

This is our situation,
but we will change it
with our desire to emerge.
This is our condition,
but there are people who still don’t understand

If I had born without fear now I would have lead you as I’m doing here

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album Rookies Closed Speech
Rookies 2018 - Punk, Pop punk, Punk rock

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