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My best wishes for your pregnancy
Hello, do you remember me ?
I’m your brother, why don’t you care ?
Just take my best wishes

Now that everything just seems so wrong, but I don’t give a fuck:
I’m your brother only by blood,
enjoy this new childhood

I am addicted to drugs
I just can’t get enough of this wonderful pot
I start smoking when the morning begins, going on until evening
I’ve got other two flaws:
I don’t want to take a bow and it’s true, yes I know
Drinking scotch of the best brands, I don’t think you’ll understand,
I’m perverse, it’s the third

I hope everything will be perfect,
I’d never wish you bad things
I’m your brother but not your friend
I’m sure you feel the same

Album che contiene Same Blood

album Rookies Closed Speech
Rookies 2018 - Punk, Pop punk, Punk rock

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